Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids: A Complete Handbook for Steroid Cycles, PCT, and Side Effects

A Complete Handbook for Steroid Cycles

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Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids

When you hear the term “steroid,” you probably think of solid anabolic drugs that develop muscle. But there are many different sorts of steroids, and even one of the most well-known vitamins (Vitamin D) is a steroid.

In terms of bodybuilding and athletic performance, anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) are often used in the belief that they will acquire tremendous strength and more noticeable muscle gains. Natural and synthetic androgens generated from or based on testosterone are included.

It is usual for some to believe those ideas since the anabolic component promotes muscular growth while the androgenic component promotes the development of masculine characteristics, as many studies support these.

Half-lives of Steroid

It is the amount of time it takes for a 50% drop in steroid concentration in the blood to depart the body. The half-life of a steroid may help you plan your cycles, pick which steroids to use, and how long to utilize them.

If you’re exposed to drug testing, it’ll also assist you in understanding your body. Regardless of dosage or duration of usage, a steroid’s half-life remains constant.

Many steroids have a very different half-life. Deca-Durabolin, for example, has a half-life of 15 days, whereas Winstrol has a half-life of 9 hours. Detoxing from longer-half-lived steroids takes longer than detoxing from shorter-half-lived steroids.

Steroids, Injectable & Oral

A few steroids are exclusively accessible as injectables, whereas others are oral. Only a few, like Winstrol, can be administered orally.

You may wish to skip injectables entirely and solely use oral steroids if you’re a beginner. Only a few steroids like Anavar and Dianabol are restricted.

Oral Steroids

Oral versions are swallowed and mainly in the form of tablets. Anabolic-androgenic values and half-lives of the most commonly used oral anabolic steroids are shown below.

Dianabol (Methandrostenolone): 4.5 to 6 hours, six weeks, 90-210/40-60 

DBol (Dianabol) is generated from testosterone and bears the molecular name Methandrostenolone (Metandienone). Bodybuilders quickly adopted it, but it was banned in the US in the 1980s and is currently only made abroad.

Dianabol is less androgenic than testosterone owing to a small chemical change in the hormone’s structure, but it is still exceptionally anabolic. Thus, Dianabol is a natural performance-boosting androgen and anabolic steroid with decades of proven advantages. Dianabol is thought to be more potent and efficient than even the well-acclaimed steroid Anadrol.

For bulk and strength, Dianabol shines. Dbol provides unreal power. When starting a bulking cycle, it’s typically employed to get quick gains.

Anavar (Oxandrolone): 9 hours, three weeks, 322-630/24 

Anavar is a DHT (dihydrotestosterone) derived steroid having an 8-10 hour half-life. It is one of the few steroids taken by females due to its modest androgenic effects.

Anavar is moderately toxic to the liver, as expected for an oral steroid, but it is mild compared to other steroids, making it a good option for novices.

When searching to buy Anavar, it is more likely to be labeled or marked as Oxandrolone rather than Anavar. Despite this, the chemical is often referred to as Anavar.

Anavar is a potent anabolic steroid. However, it is not as effective for bulking as other steroids. Anavar is most effective as a cutting steroid and for improving athletic performance.

It’s a powerful fat burner and metabolic stimulant that helps you build a lean, solid, and ripped physique. It’s often used in conjunction with Winstrol or testosterone.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone): 8 to 9 hours, eight weeks, 320/45

Oxymetholone, often known as Anadrol, is an anabolic androgenic steroid that is accessible in oral form.

Anadrol’s ability to build big bulk rapidly is its initial purpose. It assists patients with muscle wasting illnesses to gain weight quickly by increasing hunger and stimulating muscle development.

Anadrol was also created to treat anemia, indicating it has a good influence on red blood cell activity, which is essential for strength, power, and muscular building.

Like other anabolic steroids, Anadrol has adverse effects, especially oral steroids, so if you’re contemplating taking it, make sure you understand the risks and how to handle it safely.

Anadrol has three times the anabolic activity of testosterone, making it one of the most effective steroids for raw strength and bulk gain. Anadrol is often stacked with slow-acting injectable steroids.

Superdrol (Methasterone): 6-8 hours, 8-10 weeks, 400/20 

Methasterone is an oral anabolic steroid generated from DHT, similar to Drostanolone (Masteron), while Superdrol is a C17-alkylated steroid.

Superdrol contains a modest chemical change compared to Masteron, giving Methasterone a higher anabolic effect and a little lower androgenic influence. Methasterone is an effective anabolic steroid with a low androgenic profile (as seen by its anabolic/androgenic ratio of 400:20).

Methasterone does not aromatize, however as an oral steroid, it is harmful to the liver and is not recommended for anybody with liver difficulties. For people who are healthy and do not feel comfortable utilizing injectable steroids, Superdrol might be a great alternative.

Superdrol has an 8-hour half-life. Its effects are felt within a few hours after administration.

Superdrol is a fantastic steroid for both bulking and cutting cycles. However, it has several severe drawbacks to be considered before using Superdrol.

It is a flexible steroid that works well for both cutting and bulking cycles.

Winstrol (Stanozolol): 9 hours, three weeks, 320/30 

Stanozolol, often known as Winstrol, is an androgen and anabolic steroid. Winstrol is a DHT derivative, making it comparable to testosterone.

Importantly, Winstrol has a more potent anabolic to androgenic impact than testosterone. Up to 10% of testosterone is turned to DHT in the body.

Winstrol (Stanozolol) is accessible orally and intravenously. Each Winstrol application has its half-life:

  • Oral: 9 hours
  • Injection: 24 hours

The oral and injectable Winstrol strengths are identical. 5mg of each kind is the same; however, how rapidly absorbed and used up by the body varies, as seen by their half lifetimes.

Despite its liver toxicity, oral Winstrol is generally the first option for beginners. It is a well-known steroid to promote fat loss while maintaining muscle mass and speeding up recovery.

Primobolan Oral (Methenolone Acetate): 2-3 days, 4-5 weeks, 88/44-57

Primobolan is a steroid available in both oral and injectable forms, with the injection being preferred by sportsmen. Primobolan was reportedly a favorite steroid of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his peak, which explains why it remains popular among bodybuilders today.

Finding genuine Primobolan can be difficult due to the prevalence of counterfeits, especially in the oral form. So before you use Primobolan, make sure you can get it from a reputable source.

Primobolan’s modest anabolic effects and minimal liver toxicity make it an excellent option for low dosages for women.

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone): 9.5 hours, two months, 1900/850

Despite its potency, Halotestin is not as popular among bodybuilders as other steroids, maybe because it is not as good in bulk building as other substances.

Halotestin still provides numerous significant advantages for bodybuilders and athletes, depending on their aims. This steroid does not aromatize, making it ideal for cutting cycles when you do not deal with estrogenic side effects like bloating and gyno.

The most notable drawbacks of Halotestin are its liver toxicity and solid androgenic characteristics. So, in terms of side effects, Halotestin is one of the most challenging steroids to take.

The primary purpose of Halotestin is to improve strength. Halotestin is excellent at enhancing strength, which is why professional strength athletes cherish it.

Turinabol (Oral Tbol): 16 hours, 11-12 months, 100+/None 

This oral steroid has a lot of similarities with the renowned Dianabol.

Although it does not compare to the most potent anabolic steroids on the market for mass gains or bulking, Turinabol is not often used or marketed as a mass gainer or bulker.

Turinabol’s benefits include increased endurance, stamina, strength, and recovery. Many bodybuilders may use these advantages to improve their performance. This steroid’s capacity to help you get more out of other steroids is maybe even more potent.

For this reason, every steroid user, regardless of purpose, should carefully consider Tbol. Turinabol may enhance a cycle by allowing you to get more out of your other steroids while keeping their dosages lower.

Turinabol is more of a performance enhancer than a mass gainer. However, it may produce some clean mass increases.

Proviron (Mesterolone): 12 hours, 5-6 weeks, 100-150/30-40

Proviron is the most well-known brand name of Mesterolone, a unique steroid having properties that are distinct from most others. Proviron is considered an oral androgen due to its mild anabolic qualities.

However, unlike other anabolic steroids, Proviron interacts with the body to enhance the capacities of other anabolic steroids.

Proviron is an oral DHT derivative that does not need injections. However, as you will see, Proviron is not a substance to just throw into a cutting cycle and hope for the best – it has specific advantages and applications that, once understood, will allow you to use Proviron fully.

Proviron is seldom utilized to provide direct outcomes but rather to support other substances. It may be used as a modest aromatase inhibitor or a potent muscular hardener towards the conclusion of a tough cutting cycle.

Clenbuterol (Clen): 1.5 days, 4-6 days, N/A

Clenbuterol is a potent fat burner that works well in steroid cycles as well. Because of this, Clenbuterol has become a household name among dieters and bodybuilders alike.

Clenbuterol works by increasing thermogenesis, or body temperature, which helps you lose weight. It boosts metabolism and increases calorie burn, allowing body fat to be utilized more effectively.

A slim and ripped figure is achieved by working hard to lose stubborn fat, and clenbuterol excels.

But Clenbuterol isn’t required or effective for obese people, and it’s advisable to reduce weight first.

In addition to being a stimulant, Clenbuterol has a reputation for being one of the finest fat burners available. Womanly lingo

Cytomel T3 (Triiodothyronine): 2.5 days, cannot be found, N/A 

Cytomel (T3) is a prescription drug used to treat hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland cannot generate enough thyroid hormone to maintain normal metabolism.

Because thyroid hormone regulates metabolism, hypothyroidism causes weight gain, lethargy, and other health difficulties.

Athletes and bodybuilders liked Cytomel for its metabolism-boosting properties. The possibility for increased fat loss via increasing metabolic rate. Cytomel works best when accompanied by a calorie-restricted diet and regular exercise.

Athletes and bodybuilders use Cytomel to enhance fat reduction by supplying more thyroid hormones to the body.

Injectable Steroids

Anabolic-androgenic values and half-lives of the most commonly used injectable anabolic steroids are listed below:

Deca-Durabolin: 15 days, 18 months, 125/37 

Deca’s chemical structure is quite similar to testosterone’s. However, Deca offers several benefits. Also, it has a slower release than Deca, so you only need to inject Deca once a week, and the benefits last an extended period.

Unlike many other steroids that need daily injections, Deca just requires a once-weekly dosage, which is why it is so popular.

Because this is a slow-acting chemical, even a modest dosage injection of 50mg may have effects that last up to 20 days. Deca, unlike many other steroids, does not need regular doses.

Because of its excellent alleviation and therapeutic properties, Nandrolone has long been utilized by bodybuilders and athletes alike.

Deca is recognized for its ability to stimulate significant increases in lean muscle mass. Deca’s nitrogen retention is helpful for a fuller appearance. It also helps restore muscle tissue and relieve joint discomfort.

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP): 4.5 days, 11-12 months, 125/37

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP) is a testosterone-derived anabolic androgenic steroid. NPP is a 19-nor steroid by one atom change. NPP has less androgenic action than dihydrotestosterone but higher anabolic activity than unmodified testosterone.

NPP was initially intended to treat osteoporosis and breast cancer in women, a popular alternative for bodybuilders and performance athletes who want to avoid more severe estrogenic and other side effects.

NPP is a great bulk builder. Gains are modest and constant, not as fast as other compounds. Also, NPP helps you keep lean muscle mass during reducing and off-seasoning

Primobolan Depot (Methenolone Enanthate):10.5 days, five weeks, 88/44-57

Primobolan (Methenolone) is one of the few steroids available in both oral and injectable forms. It is one of the greatest steroids for ladies, and despite its low anabolic rating, it is sought after by those who know what they want to achieve with it.

Methenolone was created to treat muscle wasting diseases. It demonstrates the compound’s ability to prevent muscle loss, which bodybuilders and athletes greatly desire.

Primobolan is an excellent cutting ingredient since it helps keep lean muscle tissue by enhancing nitrogen retention.

In the same vein as oral Primobolan, Depot is best used during cutting cycles when you want to keep your muscle while burning fat and eating less. It is one of the greatest female steroids.

Masteron (Drostanolone): 3-4 days, three weeks, 62-130/25-40 

Because it works best in lean, cut, and has low body fat levels, Drostanolone Propionate is a favorite cutting ingredient among bodybuilders.

Due to its lack of fluid retention, burning refractory last ounces of fat that other compounds may struggle to move.

In most cases, competitive bodybuilders or those who have the extraordinary discipline to follow the best possible cutting cycle for maximum results will be most suited for using Masteron.

Masteron is best used while cutting. It gives you a granite-hard appearance, yet it’s gentle enough to use in longer cycles.

Testosterone (Cypionate: 12 days, 3 months, 100/100; Enanthate: 10.5 days, 3 months, 100/100; Propionate: 3-4.5 days, 2 weeks, 100/100; Suspension: 1 day, 1-2 days, 100/100) 

With anabolic steroids, testosterone reigns supreme. Anabolic steroids are testosterone derivatives, generally synthetic. A testosterone-only cycle is frequently the initial step for a novice steroid user since it boosts muscle growth and strength.

You can rapidly notice how increasing your testosterone levels affect your physique, performance, and results. That includes finding out whether you are prone to any adverse effects. Adjust your cycles accordingly to get the most outstanding results.

Testosterone is the foundation of any steroid cycle, cutting or bulking. It’s simple, it works, and it’s unusual. Suitable for beginners (first cycle).

Sustanon 250 (Testosterone Propionate, Phenylpropionate, Isocaproate, Decanoate): 15-18 days, three months, 100/100 

Sustanon 250 is a potent steroid that combines four testosterone esters into one solution. It enables you to benefit from both rapid-acting and long-lasting esters in one dose.

The 250 derives from the ratio of the four esters that make up 250mg of testosterone, some accessible as single ester products and others only available in Sustanon.

Sustanon’s popularity has various explanations:

  • One includes four esters
  • It contains both short and slow-acting esters.
  • Fast testosterone release in the initial 24–48 hours
  • Useful for dieting, bulking, and strength cycles.

As a result of the rapid release of the hormone, peak levels may be achieved quickly and then maintained by the continuous release of testosterone with different esters.

It ensures your testosterone levels don’t drop or plateau as rapidly as when taking testosterone propionate alone, requiring more frequent injections considerably.

Sustanon 250 has both slow and quick-acting esters, making it practical for supporting testosterone production throughout a steroid cycle.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) 

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a naturally occurring hormone that promotes cell growth, reproduction, and regeneration. HGH, also known as Somatropin, is involved in human growth and development (Insulin-like growth factor 1).

HGH is popular among bodybuilders. Even though it has many other uses than muscle development, it is not always used for muscle gain. This hormone also aids in fat reduction, recovery, and rejuvenation when taken with anabolic steroids.

In addition to its anti-aging effects, HGH has several benefits to the fitness athlete or bodybuilders, such as increasing energy, body composition, sleep quality, bone, and joint health.

Not a steroid, HGH has been a heated issue for years. HGH improves sleep, builds new muscular tissue, regenerates tissue, and heals the body.

Trenbolone (Acetate): 3 days, five months, 500/500; Enanthate: 8 days, five months, 500/500) 

Trenbolone (Tren) is the most potent androgenic-anabolic steroid available, having a high anabolic-androgenic ratio. Tren has powerful anabolic and androgenic effects, making it unsuitable for your first steroid cycle.

Tren, unlike other steroids, is not yet licensed for human usage and was created primarily for veterinary use. Only Trenbolone Acetate is utilized nowadays in veterinary medicine.

Trenbolone is widely stacked with other substances by bodybuilders and athletes. Generally, using Tren with a testosterone ester molecule, a short ester like Testosterone Propionate Benefits can boost testosterone production when Tren is administered alone.

Trenbolone is five times more potent than testosterone and should only be taken by experienced steroid users.

Tren is a steroid on steroids that gives you insane power and helps you become harder. You may use it to bulk or cut.

Parabolan (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate): 14 days, 5-6 months, 500/500

Trenbolone is one of the most well-known and renowned anabolic steroids, although it comes in several forms: Parabolan, or Trenbolone Hex. It is a modified variant of one of the most potent and popular steroids: Nandrolone.

Tren Hex has a higher anabolic and androgenic rating than ordinary testosterone. It has 500, whereas Testosterone has 100.

It is a versatile supplement for its bulk building properties, and that you may develop mass without fluid retention. Tren Hex or Parabolan has a variety of extra advantages, as shown below.

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It is a very versatile steroid that is regarded for its bulk gaining properties and the fact that it does not cause water retention.

Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate): 14 days, 4-5 months, 100/50 

Equipoise (EQ) is a testosterone-derived anabolic steroid having a lower androgenic tendency than testosterone.

While EQ (or Boldenone) may not deliver the same power in bulk growth as testosterone, it does provide many advantages in terms of performance and side effects.

In addition, expert users may take Equipoise in conjunction with other steroids to get exact outcomes.

You can take this steroid for bulking and cutting purposes. It’s like Deca but with less water and improved vascularity and is usually packed with testosterone.

Winstrol Depot (Stanozolol): 1 day, nine weeks, 320/30 

This popular steroid is utilized to enhance physique, athletic performance, and strength rather than bulking.

It makes Winstrol a favored option among competitive and professional users as a very potent cutting anabolic steroid capable of immediate effects that provide an intricate appearance within days. Stanozolol is also one of the few anabolic steroids taken safely by ladies at modest dosages.

A steroid that increases muscle mass and hardens the body throughout cutting and bulking cycles. Stacks commonly include Deca, EQ, Primo, Anavar, testosterone, Trenbolone, and Masteron.

The liver damage caused by oral steroids is one of their major disadvantages. The severity of liver damage varies depending on the steroids, dose, duration, and individual reaction.

With injectable steroids, you have a more extensive product selection. Oral steroids are taken once or twice daily, while injections are given once or twice a week.

Steroid Stacking, Pyramiding, and Cycling

These are the three types of steroid administration methods, and your goals will determine the one you select. In any case, you may require various tactics as bodybuilders and athletes.

Steroid Cycling

Cycling is used by people who know what they want to do when they want to accomplish it and how they want to achieve it.

Cycling is a method of using steroids on and off to avoid the effects of steroids diminishing after two months of constant usage when muscle growth stops. Cycling necessitates preparation, as you must choose how long you will take the steroid and how long you will wait between use.

A cycle may span anywhere from a few weeks to many months, with no or little steroid usage in between. The length of your cycle is determined by your previous experience, the steroid you’re taking, and your objectives.

Steroid Stacking 

Bulking, cutting, power, and performance are all benefits of anabolic steroids.

Finally, your goals for your steroid cycles will determine what you take and how you take it. These steroid stacks are designed to build and trim while maintaining muscle mass.

These chemicals will improve your strength, endurance, and performance, which is what will allow you to break through all of your gym plateaus and previous records while you’re on a cycle.

Expert steroid users may try stacking, which involves taking many steroid kinds at the same time. Combining two or more steroids with different actions or effects on the body is one way to get a more effective result.

Mixing oral and injectable steroids is a typical steroid stacking method. Stacking steroids increases the number of potential outcomes, raising the number of risks you must consider.

Steroid Pyramiding

It is a method similar to a pyramid; you must begin with a low dosage and gradually builds to a peak dose in the middle of the cycle. The dosage is then eventually reduced until it approaches zero.

Instead of abruptly ending bicycle use after a cycle, pyramiding allowed for a gradual decrease. To avoid overburdening the body’s natural hormone system, users adopt the pyramid strategy to increase doses while giving the body time to adjust gradually.

Steroids Cycle Duration

When it comes to steroid cycles, how long do you think they should last? The most important is whatever steroid substance (or compounds) you want to use and what your end goals are (plus if you expect to be faced with any sort of drug testing at any stage).

Short Cycles (two to four weeks)

A two- or three-week cycle may be beneficial for getting quick gains by blasting the body with very high doses (not recommended for beginners) or for attaining constant but moderate gains without overloading the body with chemicals.

A short and consistent cycle with three or four weeks off reduces health and bad impact worries.

Medium Cycles (six to eight  weeks)

With sufficient time between them, three cycles per year are optimum for gaining lean mass or trimming while avoiding the declines that might occur when procedures are very protracted.

This period may also reduce undesirable effects if the proper substances are used. You’ll need to employ faster-acting medicines since medium cycles restrict your development throughout these few weeks. Testosterone propionate injections are often used in a medium cycle.

Standard Cycles (ten to twelve weeks)

Cycles typically last 10 to 12 weeks and may be used for bulking and cutting, depending on your goals and the steroid drugs you employ.

The period is optimal since it allows you to make gains for as long as possible before muscle growth slows, plateaus, or ceases altogether. It enables you to take a break from the cycle and cleanse your system in preparation for the next one.

Long Cycles (three to nine months)

Only long-term, experienced, or elderly users who are unconcerned with natural testosterone levels should use it. Extended cycles of 3-9 months, according to some, may provide long-term advantages.

The use of testosterone enanthate or cypionate in long cycles is typical. It’s a dangerous procedure because of the increased possibility of serious adverse effects from these abnormally long steroid cycles.

Which Steroids Should I Use for My First Cycle?

Listed below are some of the most prevalent anabolic-androgenic drugs you may encounter throughout your steroid cycle:

Testosterone Esters

Among the testosterone esters are Enanthate, Cypionate, Propionate, and Undecanoate. It doesn’t need a chemistry degree to determine which is best for you, but it helps to understand the distinctions.

Testosterone Enanthate

The most common ester of testosterone is Enanthate. It is an injectable testosterone steroid with a half-life of 8-10 days used for performance enhancement and TRT purposes. Anabolic steroids like testosterone enanthate have been shown to boost strength and body mass in only 6 to 12 weeks. Testosterone Enanthate is a widely popular steroid with hundreds of brands. It works as a test booster for low testosterone, gaining muscle and power while improving male sex characteristics. Athletes utilize it to increase muscle development, burn fat, and expedite recovery.

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is a popular testosterone ester among bodybuilders and athletes. Test Cyp has a half-life of 10-12 days and is used in cycles up to 14 weeks.

Cypionate has a longer half-life than the popular Enanthate, which raises testosterone levels for around two weeks.

The excellent compatibility of testosterone cypionate allows it to be utilized in stacked cycles with other testosterone esters and other drugs. It might take four to six weeks to get the full benefits of a fresh testosterone cycle.

Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate has the lowest half-life of all testosterone esters, at approximately two to three days. It takes more frequent injections than most other testosterone to keep blood levels stable. It is also one of the fastest-acting testosterone esters, releasing in only a few days.

It is common to inject Propionate every day. However, if you need to reduce your testosterone levels for testing or other reasons quickly, this ester leaves the body soon after you stop injecting. Testosterone Propionate is good for shorter cycles due to its slow release and short half-life.

Testosterone Undecanoate

Andriol is the name for oral Testosterone Undecanoate, whereas Nebido is for injectable Undecanoate. Neither substance is accessible as prescription medicine in the USA, although they are in many other countries.

Undecanoate was created to treat low testosterone, but it also offers all the advantages of a testosterone steroid, whether taken for performance improvement or testosterone replacement.

Because of its big ester and slow release, Undecanoate is not likely to be the first option of any bodybuilder or athlete searching for a pure testosterone steroid.

A typical testosterone compound like Enanthate has the same hormone, but the Undecanoate ester makes it harder to get performance advantages.

The main distinction between Cypionate and Enanthate is that Testosterone Cypionate has a longer half-life. Due to their similarities, Testosterone Enanthate and Cypionate are often used interchangeably. These testosterone compounds are all injectable.

If you’re planning to use additional steroids that may lower testosterone, a testosterone-only cycle will assist in maintaining it up. This chemical increases red blood cell synthesis and increases muscle growth and endurance.

You should use up to 500mg of Test enanthate every week to achieve this target.

Dianabol (Methandrostenolone)

Dianabol was the first androgen and anabolic steroid accessible in the 1950s, and it is being used today to increase muscle growth and strength.

It is excellent for bulking and increasing muscle quickly. Dianabol may aromatize, causing adverse effects to include gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue) and fluid retention.

Dianabol alone cycle is a popular beginner option since it is easy to take and avoids injecting. To minimize liver damage, just complete a six-week Dianabol cycle. You should also look out for androgenic side effects and consider taking an aromatase inhibitor to lower estrogen and minimize them.

Due to its short half-life, Dbol may be used as a beginner cycle drug with little risk of addiction.

Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)

Nandrolone decanoate is a popular androgenic-anabolic steroid. Nandrolone has been shown to improve muscular growth in male bodybuilders.

Nandrolone Decanoate is injected intramuscularly under the name Deca-Durabolin. Deca has mild androgenic but significant anabolic effects, reducing the likelihood of adverse effects compared to other steroids.

A Nandrolone cycle for your first try puts you in a popular steroids class that needs intramuscular injections. For a beginner cycle, start with a half dosage twice a week and work your way up to 200mg once a week.

Remember that steroids will not develop muscle or give you super strength on their own: Your commitment to the gym will determine your results, your nutrition, and how hard you’re willing to train.

Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Anavar is a popular trade name for Oxandrolone, an androgen and anabolic steroid used to treat illnesses including osteoporosis and anemia.

Because Oxandrolone is highly anabolic and low androgenic, it is typically preferred by individuals who do not wish to take more potent steroids, especially women.

Anavar is another oral steroid that does not need injections, making it appealing to beginners.

Sustanon 250 

Sustanon 250 is a common injectable testosterone androgen-anabolic steroid used to treat low testosterone in males.

Sustanon 250 contains four testosterone ester molecules (Testosterone Propionate, Phenylpropionate, Isocaproate, and Decanoate), which convert to testosterone once injected into the body.

Because testosterone is an androgen, it increases masculinization, yet too much DHT may cause hair loss in males and red blood cell synthesis, essential for muscular development.

In addition to gaining weight and muscle mass, Sustanon 250 helps maintain an anabolic condition.

Trenbolone (Enanthate/Acetate/Hexahydrate)

It is an AA steroid used to enhance muscular development in cattle. Trenbolone itself is not accessible, just certain of its esters. Trenbolone Acetate is utilized in veterinary medicine, whereas Enanthate and Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate are also employed (Parabolan).

Bodybuilders use Trenbolone Acetate since it is rapid-acting and does not cause fluid retention, unlike Trenbolone Enanthate, which might take weeks to start working.

Trenbolone is one of the most potent steroids, up to five times more substantial and effective than testosterone.

Winstrol (Stanozolol)

Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It’s known for its strength-boosting properties, but it also promotes muscle development and doesn’t aromatize, so it’s less prone to cause water retention.

The anabolic qualities of DHT are boosted in synthetic Stanozolol, while the androgenic properties are diminished. Stanozolol is a popular oral and injectable anabolic steroid.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

Anabolic steroid Oxymetholone is used to treat osteoporosis, anemia, and wasting syndrome. It raises testosterone levels while also boosting recovery and stamina by preventing or delaying weariness. Its use as an anemia treatment shows its ability to increase red blood cell count.

Anadrol is a well-known brand name of Oxymetholone, a potent oral steroid recognized for its rapid strength and muscle increases. Anadrol is a very efficient anabolic steroid with great anabolic and minimal androgenic effects.

Clenbuterol (Clen)

Although Clenbuterol was first intended to treat respiratory difficulties, it has become popular among bodybuilders and athletes to decrease body fat and build muscle.

Due to its ability to boost thermogenesis and metabolism, it is primarily utilized as a fat burner and to help define muscles. Clenbuterol is often used to enhance fat loss during cutting cycles.

Proviron (Mesterolone)

Proviron (Mesterolone) is a helpful cutting steroid for people who know how to utilize it properly. While you may use it for bulking, it is primarily administered for cutting. Proviron is an oral steroid manufactured from dihydrotestosterone.

Proviron has a lesser bioavailability than other oral chemicals, which is one of the reasons it is not commonly utilized. It also has minimal androgenic and estrogenic effects compared to other steroids and may even be anti-estrogenic.

Mesterolone is unlikely to be the star of any stack. Still, it may enhance the quantity of free and accessible hormones from other steroids in the stack by binding firmly to SHGB, which increases circulation-free testosterone.

Proviron is suitable for cutting since it helps harden the muscles and enhances the action of other steroids in your stack. It promotes fat burning by connecting to androgen receptors.

Proviron, being anti-estrogenic, prevents water retention. This steroid has modest side effect concerns, with the primary issue being androgenic consequences, including acne and hair loss in certain people. Proviron’s most important possible adverse effect is cholesterol build-up; thus, persons with high cholesterol should avoid it.

Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate)

Masteron was first designed to treat breast cancer. Drostanolone is a common cutting steroid among bodybuilders, particularly those preparing for contests. Unlike Proviron, Masteron is an injectable DHT derivative.

Acetate is offered in two forms: propionate and enanthate. Masteron has anti-estrogenic qualities; hence estrogen-related adverse effects are not a worry with this steroid. Masteron is an excellent cutting steroid that may also harden the body without causing water retention.

Masteron is a popular steroid among athletes who desire both performance improvement and fat-burning advantages without gaining heft. Masteron is a steroid designed for those who have previously worked hard to become thin and toned and need a boost in hardness and fat reduction before a competition.

Masteron has androgenic side effects such as hair loss and acne; however, they are moderate compared to other steroids. Women may use Masteron if they watch their dose to prevent virilization. Because Masteron reduces HDL and raises LDL, your cholesterol levels must be checked and kept as low as possible with diet and physical activity.

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone)

Halotestin is a testosterone-derived steroid with numerous medicinal purposes, from muscle atrophy to breast cancer but is not utilized by bodybuilders or athletes for bulking or cutting. It is highly appreciated for its potential to boost strength by interacting with red blood cells.

Fluoxymesterone is not known to be effective in people; thus, we do not see the muscle-building effects that one would anticipate from such a potent molecule. It may, however, promote fat reduction and performance.

Despite its promise, Halotestin is not a frequently utilized steroid, primarily because of its considerable adverse effects. This steroid might cause aggression; thus, men with a short fuse should avoid it. Others may focus their increased aggressiveness and energy on exercises, but this is a significant side effect.

Halotestin is a potent steroid used by strength athletes and powerlifters who require the unique advantages it can bring. It has no estrogenic adverse effects but high androgenic effects in men, making it inappropriate for female usage.

Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate / Acetate)

Methenolone is a DHT-derived steroid that comes in oral and injectable forms. Bodybuilders and athletes prefer the injectable version since it is deemed more potent than the oral type.

However, it is not regarded as a bulk building steroid since it increases nitrogen retention and keeps the body anabolic. But you may still utilize it in a cutting cycle. Primobolan’s improved nitrogen retention helps maintain muscle mass while also promoting lipolysis, which helps burn fat.

Primobolan’s particular impact on the immune system allowed it to treat AIDS, among other illnesses.

Primobolan also improves strength, making it valuable for athletes outside of the bodybuilding community as well. It enhances speed, power, endurance, and muscle recovery. Less muscle mass is not an issue for male athletes. Therefore they may benefit from these favorable advantages without fear.

Primobolan is one of the few steroids that may be used orally or intravenously by females with ease. Women are more susceptible to the anabolic effects of this steroid and may exhibit weight increases with this steroid.

Methenolone is a good cutting steroid without estrogenic side effects. Women should take this steroid in modest doses and for short periods to avoid significant androgenic side effects.

Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate)

It is used to enhance the body and muscular condition in ailing horses. Hexadrol is a long-acting injectable steroid with sound anabolic androgenic effects.

Anabolic steroids like Anavar and Deca Durabolin are more potent bulking drugs that athletes use. Equipoise is an excellent choice for those seeking modest mass increases rather than massive ones.

A higher appetite is reported by some users of Equipoise, while others saw no change. Equipoise is excellent for cutting, retaining lean muscle, and improving overall body conditioning and fitness. Equipoise helps improve strength, muscular endurance, and healing, among other things.

The disadvantage of Equipoise is its five-month detection time, which is inconvenient for athletes. While taking this steroid, men can expect testosterone suppression, modest cholesterol effects, and a low risk of androgenic symptoms such as hair loss and acne.

Equipoise’s low estrogenic effect might cause water retention and gynecomastia when used at larger doses. Low dosages of Equipoise are safe for female usage.

Oral Turinabol (CDMT)

This steroid is a synthesis of Dianabol and Clostebol. Its effects are milder than Dianabol’s. Oral Turinabol is a mild androgenic steroid that does not aromatize.

Turinabol is a steroid highly prized by professional athletes due to its potential to increase muscular endurance, strength, and recovery. This steroid is known for its usage by East German Olympic athletes in the 1970s and 1980s.

Turinabol works by raising red blood cell count, which delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, improving endurance and power. Anabolic activity is increased through increased protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

Turinabol has a substantial risk of lowering cholesterol and suppressing natural testosterone production. Androgenic symptoms include acne and balding. This steroid has no estrogenic side effects, making it ideal for a cutting cycle.

Steroid Cycles for Females

Female performance-enhancing anabolic steroid usage is substantially lower than male use, as expected. As a result, female steroid usage is seldom addressed within the bodybuilding community and lacks adequate research.

There are several reasons why women do not utilize steroids to improve their bodies or performance. Female users of steroids run the risk of significant physiological alterations. A higher dose of testosterone or other male hormones in a female body has this effect.

Depending on the dosage, this may vary from minor modifications to the development of severe male features.

Although uncommon, some female athletes and bodybuilders opt to utilize steroids to improve their performance. With caution, these women may reap tremendous benefits while minimizing unwanted effects.

But steroid usage by females should always be carefully managed to prevent significant adverse effects that are practically guaranteed to occur when not tightly regulated and monitored.

Female Anabolic Steroid Use: Some Preliminary Considerations

For a woman, using steroids is a significant thing. After all, injecting abnormally enormous amounts of male hormones into the body — chemicals that the female body has not evolved to operate with – is a risky business. Synthetic versions and variants of the male hormone testosterone are known as anabolic and androgenic steroids.

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While females contain a small quantity of testosterone, any more of this male sexual hormone induces the development of masculine traits due to increased androgenic and anabolic activity, just as it does in men.

Athletes like the anabolic qualities, but you’ll also have to cope with the undesired androgenic consequences as a woman. You should consider all of this if you’re thinking about using steroids to improve your performance or appearance.

These are some of them:

  • Using anabolic steroids involves introducing male hormones into feminine bodies.
  • Side effects are virtually guaranteed to occur, and that they may be severe and devastating.
  • It is crucial to find out which steroids are best for ladies and which should be avoided.
  • Know each steroid’s half-life and how long it takes to empty the system. It is essential for both drug testing and side effect management.
  • You should know the correct steroids to employ for your goals while minimizing adverse effects.

Male and Female Steroid Cycles: What’s the Difference?

The substantial and dramatic effects of steroids on all-female users need a female-specific steroid cycle. In contrast, a male user of any anabolic steroid uses the correct dose and cycle period.

For this reason, female steroid users tend to stick to a few steroid compounds, use them sparingly, and cycle short to avoid virilizing effects. Women also have certain benefits. 

Male and female steroid cycles vary in many ways:

  • Short cycle durations are essential to regulate virilization. The longer these symptoms persist, the more severe they get, and even modest steroid side effects occur with them. Women’s sole option to minimize virilization is to shorten their cycles. Female steroid cycles are typically four weeks long, but maybe 6 or 8 weeks long. Male cycles might be as short as eight weeks or as long as 12 or 16 weeks.
  • Women should avoid some steroids owing to their high androgenic potential. These steroids would undoubtedly produce excessive virilization, negating any advantage to females. Males, on the other hand, will be unaffected.
  • Men can typically stack steroids well, however for women, stacking steroids increases the risk of virilization due to the androgenic qualities compounding. Beginners should never take more than one steroid at a time. Advanced female users may and do stack compounds but must be very cautious about adverse effects.
  • Male users will have moderate to severe testosterone suppression, necessitating a testosterone steroid in the cycle. Females do not have this problem; hence an extra steroid component unrelated to performance is unnecessary. Women also won’t require post-cycle treatment.

What is the First Steroid Cycle?

You’ll find varying opinions on how to start your first steroid cycle. And, like most steroid-related questions, the answer is personal. Having two broad alternatives helps you stop procrastinating and begin executing a cycle strategy.

One school of thought is that you should go all out in your first cycle since the gains will be huge. It requires very high testosterone levels, starting at 500mg and up to 1000mg every week, and other compounds like orals. This technique, however, poses substantial risks for new users, especially in terms of side effects.

You’ve never taken steroids before, so going big with massive doses puts you at risk of failure. This intensive first cycle is unlikely to be chosen unless you are entirely confident in your capacity to endure side effects and understand what you’re getting.

The second, milder option is to use testosterone at 500 mg each week for the first several cycles. The goal of your first cycle is to see what testosterone can do for you without the aid of other supplements.

Then you may add another component to maximize the effects in the following cycles. It is the safest path for a newbie. Because it’s the first cycle, it’s an introduction; you’ll have lots of possibilities to experiment with additional chemicals in more complex cycles in the future.

Which one will be more effective? It’s easy to think a higher dose cycle might help, but if you have substantial side effects, your gains will decrease. A testosterone-only cycle will still provide considerable improvements for a beginning user at modest levels.

Here is a cycle that you may use as-is or modify to suit your needs:

  • Week 1-10 – 500mg/week of Test Enanthate or Cypionate at 250mg/e3d
  • Week 1-12 – 0.25mg/eod of Arimidex (lessen it to 0.125mg/eod at week 12)

Optional Compounds:

  • Week 1-4 – 30mg/day of Dianabol (oral jumpstart)
  • Week 1-8 – 300mg/week of  Deca-Durabolin
  • Week 1-8 – 300mg/week of Trenbolone Enanthate (150mg/e3d)
  • Week 6-12 – 50mg/day of Proviron

Optional Ancillaries:

  • Week 1-12 – 20mg/day of Nolvadex to fight gyno symptoms such as itchiness and tender nipples
  • Week 1-10 – 0.5mg/e3d of Cabergoline when experiencing prolactin issues)
  • Week 3-10 – 25 0iu/eod of HCG prevents your nut from shrinkage and aids recovery)

PCT Option 1: SERM for PCT

  • Week 13 – 40mg/day of Nolvadex
  • Week 14-16 – 20mg/day of Nolvadex or
  • Week 13 – 100mg/day of Clomid
  • Week 14-15 – 50 mg/day of Clomid

PCT Option 2: Taper and Test Stasis 

  • Week 10-12 – Rest (if your cycle was Test Enanthate or Cypionate)
  • Week 13-14 – 80mg/week (40 mg/e3d) of Testosterone Enanthate (part of stasis to imitate normal hormone levels)
  • Week 15-16 – 60mg/week (30mg/e3d) of Testosterone Enanthate (taper part)
  • Week 17-18 – 40mg/week (20 mg/e3d) of Testosterone Enanthate
  • Week 19-20 – 20mg/week (10mg/e3d) of Testosterone Enanthate

By gradually lowering the dosage, you allow the body to regain normal function and become less reliant on the chemicals.

Protocol for Test Taper 

After the cycle, there is a 4–6 week stasis phase, which is similar to a waiting period. A female-specific steroid cycle is required due to the powerful and dramatic effects of steroids on all-female users. As a male anabolic steroid user, you must utilize the proper dosage and cycle duration. Longer esters, such as decanoate, need a six-week delay.

Waiting time should be utilized to reduce the dosage of aromatase inhibitors so that all compounds and drugs except testosterone are eased off.

After the waiting period, taper the weekly dosage for six weeks until you’re entirely off. My ester of choice is enanthate since I can inject twice weekly. Other types like Sustanon or Propionate may be divided into three weekly doses.

Use a SERM at the start of the taper stage, but this is optional and depends on your requirements and preferences. Studies have shown that neither utilizing a SERM with low testosterone dosages nor not using a SERM with low testosterone doses suppresses the HPTA. So tapering works whether or not you utilize a SERM.

Including HCG in the cycle helps maintain normal testicular function and growth, but it must be discontinued and not used during the waiting period.

With a Testosterone enanthate cycle, the dose is divided into two weekly injections:

  • Waiting time – week 1-6 or 1-4: Test E of 100mg per week (taper is off and Arimidex at week 3)
  • Taper phase – week 1-6 (mg/week): 80, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20 mg. During the tapering phase, you may start utilizing your preferred SERM (Clomid or Nolvadex).

If taking Masteron, use 50mg + 50mg Test E weekly. During the waiting time, use Test Prop, now tapering down to 1:1. Most users will start at 100mg.

Because Masteron promotes DHT, which increases libido while regulating estrogen, this combo does not need a SERM. It makes Masteron a compound that fits this technique excellently, mainly if maintaining libido is vital to you.

You may use other medicines or supplements during post cycle treatment (PCT) to help increase workouts and maintain gains without affecting your HPTA. You should be confident beginning to try HGH, Clenbuterol, or IGF.

Steroid Cycles for Beginners

When dealing with steroids, beginners should recall the term KISS, which stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” All steroid cycles should follow the KISS principle.

Choosing a steroid with a shorter half-life helps you overcome any early side effects quicker. A newcomer must achieve a balance between positive results and modest adverse effects. It involves choosing appropriate amounts and prioritizing which compounds to use.

“Do I take orals or injectables?” is your major worry. Orals are less daunting than injecting for the first time, but they limit the compounds you can use and the amount of time you can use them. They are simple to eat, yet they have serious liver consequences.

Beginner’s 1 Vial Steroid Cycle

The only way to get started with steroids is to do a one-vial cycle. Remember that steroids are illegal and potentially dangerous, so continuing with your first cycle is a big decision.

You can acquire your supplies anywhere you want, but make sure it’s reputable, and always get more needles than you need (they’re cheap!) Obtain the proper ones: This cycle will use 23 gauge, 1′′, 3ml syringes.

It implies that your steroid doses will be in milliliters rather than centiliters. The terms cc and ml are interchangeable. The test you buy will show a concentration of 200 milligrams per milliliter. It means that each milliliter of testosterone you take from the bottle has 200 milligrams of testosterone. You don’t want low-grade, under-dosed gear. Therefore, buying high-quality equipment is crucial.

You’ll also need to receive a prescription for Clomid, which you’ll take for the duration of your post-cycle therapy (PCT). Clomid is used to restore testosterone levels since it has been reduced. Take at least 20 or 50 mg of Clomid.

Wipe the top of the vial with rubbing alcohol to eliminate bacteria before injecting your first steroid dosage. The needle should then be inserted once the bottle has been lowered. Make sure you know how much you want to extract before pulling the plunger back to match the cc lines on the syringe. Because testosterone is in an oil solution, it takes a long time to fill the needle.

Gently push the plunger in until the solution reaches the needle tip, then flick the syringe barrel with your other hand to remove air bubbles. The tiny air bubble should move to the syringe’s end and disappear. To make sure there isn’t a bubble at the front, expel a small amount of solution from the needle.

Now, carefully pull back on the hand to prevent hitting a vein by inserting the needle into the upper half of a butt cheek. It’s a vein if you see blood, and you should move on. You must keep the syringe hidden until no blood is visible. Inject gently and gradually, rather than too soon.

Remove the needle after injecting and gently massage the area to let the fluid disperse. Of course, each injection necessitates the use of a new needle.

Testosterone Dose Scheduling

Testosterone Dose Scheduling is an eight-week testosterone cycle dose regimen. You’ll need either Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate in a 10cc bottle. The injections are given once a week for eight weeks. Weekly injection doses are as follows:

  • Week 1 – 0.5cc
  • Week 2 – 1cc
  • Week 3 – 1.5cc
  • Week 4 – 2cc
  • Week 5 – 2cc
  • Week 6 – 1.5cc
  • Week 7 – 1cc
  • Week 8 – 0.5cc

Clomid PCT

After two weeks, you may start your Clomid PCT to boost normal testosterone function. PCT might begin after the steroid has left the body.

Take a Clomid 50mg pill for 20 days. After these 20 days, you don’t start another steroid cycle.

The body needs time to heal. Thus a fresh cycle takes AT LEAST 8 weeks. 12 weeks or more is best. If you persist in using short cycles, you may permanently damage your testosterone function and be forced to use TRT.

Testosterone Only Cycle

You’re ready for the 500mg weekly testosterone cycle now that you’ve learned about the one vial starting steroid cycle. The finest testosterone esters for this cycle are enanthate and cypionate. Therefore, you’ll need two 10ml bottles of each. Because they just need to be injected once a week, these esters are significant.

1′′ 3ml 23 gauge syringes are suitable for this task. The cycle lasts ten weeks, with 2cc injections per week. Although it’s unlikely you’ll hit a vein here, you must check for blood before injecting.

Expect a two- to three-week wait for the test to take effect. Strength, stamina, mental alertness, and sexual desire are all increased. You may also have minor adverse effects like acne, but not every man will.

If you develop a gyno during this cycle, you may need an anti-estrogen. Use 10 mg Nolvadex every day if you’re worried about gyno and want to be safe.

This easy-to-follow starting testosterone cycle has the potential to help you gain up to 20 pounds of muscular mass.

DBOL Cycle

Bodybuilders have taken Dianabol, or Dbol, for decades, and it is a proven steroid. Metabolic alterations occur during the first week of using methandrostenolone. Remember that Dbol, like other steroids, has risks.

Using this steroid to jumpstart a cycle with slower-acting chemicals can increase your strength before the testosterone or other slower steroids kick in. Yes, Dbol gains might fade quickly, but that’s where your other compounds shine and why Dbol is such a great starter ingredient.

You may need to experiment with doses, but 35mg daily is a decent start. Certain males may go up to 50mg. However, greater doses might cause weariness and sluggish feelings in some persons. If this occurs, just lower the dosage and adjust for optimal results.

Dianabol Only Cycle

Many men swear by not just using Dbol but also stacking it with testosterone. That said, some males can take a solitary Dbol cycle successfully, while others struggle with lowered appetite and blood sugar abnormalities. Those who can handle Dbol alone will benefit from rapid strength and size growth but must work hard to retain them.

Length of Dianabol Cycle

Due to Dbol’s liver toxicity, you should keep cycles short, no more than eight weeks if taken as a jumpstart. Due to the liver dangers, some males only take Dbol for 4–6 weeks. The longer you intend to take it, the lower the dosage to reduce the liver’s damage.

Dianabol vs. Anadrol

If you decide between Anadrol and Dianabol, consider that Dbol is more potent at the exact dosage. For most individuals, the option comes down to availability and personal preference – you may prefer one compound over the other.

10 Week Testosterone/Dianabol Cycle

  • Weeks 1-8: Dbol at 35 mg daily (distribute the dose throughout the day.)
  • Weeks 1-10: Testosterone Enanthate at 500mg weekly

Deca Durabolin Cycle

Deca (Nandrolone Decanoate) is a long-time favorite steroid. For all of these reasons, Deca is a steroid to adore.

It increases nitrogen retention and provides all the therapeutic advantages needed for joint pain and healing.

Deca is simple to use, and you may get away with as little as 200mg each week. You may also utilize it for therapeutic purposes with just 1/2cc each week.

Deca is a flexible compound that may be used long-term with testosterone or short cycles for big muscle and strength development.

Deca Durabolin Facts and Myths

Myth: Will Deca Durabolin cause me to become a “Deca dick”?

Fact: Yes, if you take extremely high dosages and don’t utilize Testosterone with it, this may happen.

Myth: Testosterone should be used more than Deca.

Fact: Notably, testosterone does not need to be run higher than Deca to avoid “Deca dick.” It has to be at least 200 mg to work correctly.

Myth: Deca dick may occur early in a cycle.

Fact: No, if this adverse effect occurs, it takes at least six weeks to manifest.

Myth: Deca retains a lot of water.

Fact: Moderate dose and excellent nutrition lessen water retention risk. Remember that old-school bodybuilders utilized Deca 2 weeks before a competition with minimal bloating due to food choices.

Deca is a remarkable compound:

Deca helps for strength and muscle retention when cutting. Most folks don’t know how to get the most out of this regularly used steroid. Remember that Deca will show up in drug tests for up to 1.5 years after usage, so competitive athletes should be cautious, but amateurs and hobbyists shouldn’t worry.

Deca and Equipoise:

Equipoise (EQ) is identical to Deca; however, most males acquire more strength. It takes two or three EQ vials to obtain the same results as one Deca vial. Hence, Deca is usually the cheaper alternative.

The best Deca cycle after cycle treatment:

Adding Arimidex or Aromasin for progesterone is vital for Deca since they function better than Nolvadex. During the Deca cycle, use 1/2mg Arimidex every day. PCT should begin two weeks following cycle completion, using Clomid 50mg daily for three weeks or 100mg if your cycle is heavy. Maintain use of Arimidex for two weeks before PCT and again for one week following PCT.

Consider adding HCG to your PCT for two weeks at 2500iu every injection. If you use HCG, you’ll need an AI to fight gyno.

Like steroid cycles, PCT is individualized; therefore, you should customize compounds and doses to your recovery rate.

Is Deca safe for the first cycle? The most significant initial cycle is testosterone just to learn about steroids. The second cycle stack should be Test and Deca for a fantastic combo.

Anavar Cycle

In terms of both quality muscle growth AND muscle retention when dieting, Anavar is the finest oral steroid. Dbol is popular among athletes since it is inexpensive and fast-acting. It’s commonly believed that Anavar is a superior steroid to Dbol and that its price has gone down recently, making a choice between Anavar and Dbol less critical.

Unlike Dbol, Anavar’s gains are stable, unlike Dbol. Sure, Anavar won’t give you the same strength increases as Dbol, but it won’t make you hungry as Dbol does. Dbol is a significant jolt to the system. Anavar, on the other hand, is a patient-rewarding chemical.

Oral toxicity is a significant concern. To avoid liver damage, Dbol should only be used for short cycles. Hepatotoxicity from Anavar is less than Dbol and other severe orals. Anavar may be used for up to 12 weeks without harming the liver. Anavar is also a substance that females may take at lesser levels with less risk of virilization than other steroids.

The Biggest Advantages of Anavar

  • Longer cycles (8-12 weeks) are less harsh on the liver than shorter cycles.
  • Not likely to curb hunger.
  • No estrogen conversion means no need for anti-estrogens if using Anavar alone.
  • Excellent for muscle retention with a calorie-restricted diet.
  • It stacks effectively with injectable steroids.
  • No need for needles – you simply consume a tablet.
  • Boosts endurance for better workouts
  • Boosts recovery time
  • Increases BMR to help you burn fat quicker and increases muscular firmness.

Anavar Drawbacks

While all steroids have drawbacks, Anavar has the fewest side effects and dangers. Most of them are only concerning if you exceed the advised dosage or use the medicine longer than suggested.

  • Abdominal ache or nausea
  • Oily skin or acne
  • Mild hair loss in males who are genetically prone
  • Headaches
  • Deflated liver enzymes (but not as severe as other oral steroids)
  • Legal issues

Men’s Anavar Cycle that Works

Anabolic steroids have a high cost-benefit ratio when appropriately used. A testosterone and Anavar cycle with an intense fitness routine and nutrition is a popular choice. A 12-week cycle of these two compounds:

  • Testosterone: 300mg every week for 12 weeks.
  • Anavar: If you want to lose weight, you may take up to 60mg Anavar every day for 12 weeks, or only the first 8.

With this cycle, you may anticipate fantastic results with no retention. With weekly injections of Enanthate or Cypionate, the optimum test esters to utilize are

Standard Clomid (100mg/day) for ten days after the cycle ends. During PCT, reduce to 50mg daily.

Women’s Anavar Cycle That Works

Anavar is one of the few steroids that women may take safely. 6-week cycles, 10mg daily.

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Some women may desire to extend the cycle by two weeks, increasing the dose to 20mg daily for the last two weeks, but watch for possible adverse effects.

For increased strength increases, take 12.5mg Ostarine for the first five weeks, then 25mg for weeks 6-8.

Women, unlike males, do not need PCT, leaving anything to accomplish after the cycle.

These are two primary Anavar cycles for men and women utilizing other excellent ingredients. Diet is important while taking Anavar for fat reduction, and it will make or break your results regardless of how efficient Anavar is as a steroid.

Test/Dbol Cycle

You don’t want to perform testosterone solely on your first cycle. The first cycle should be a stack. Dbol is the greatest thing to stack with testosterone in your first cycle.

Collect 200 5mg Dbol tablets. A 100 mg tab will need to be divided for each dosage if only 10mg tabs are available. For safety reasons, larger dosage tabs aren’t generally recommended.

You must stretch your daily intake of 5mg across 40 days.

For the one vial test cycle, a single bottle of testosterone is sufficient. The First six weeks incorporate Dbol and should result in substantial improvements. Gains of 20 to 25lbs are feasible.

With Dbol’s rapid results, you don’t need to utilize 500mg weekly of testosterone. More than 250mg weekly test is unnecessary for most people in this cycle.

Nolvadex 10mg every day will prevent you from Dbol gyno. Some men won’t require it, but many prefer to be proactive and use Nolvadex for peace of mind.

The first six weeks are Dbol and test, and the final two weeks are testosterone alone.

Deca / Dbol Cycle

The Deca/Dbol cycle is the most tried and tested gainer stack ever. On this cycle, you can’t help but gain.

Using this cycle reduces the cost since testosterone is not used. If you don’t go crazy with Deca, it’s not a problem.

This cycle calls for 200 50mg Dbol tablets and 1/10cc Deca vial. 5 Dbol tablets every day, split up. Dbol is to be run for 40 days. Replace the testosterone in the one vial steroid cycle for beginners with Deca. The cycle is eight weeks long.

Regardless of what you’ve heard, Deca may provide results in as little as eight weeks. It is not required to use twice as much time. Great bodybuilders have shown that eight weeks is more than enough time to see results, including maintaining lean muscle.

Advanced Steroid Cycles

An advanced steroid user has spent time testing various steroids and learning how they operate and their benefits and drawbacks.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re a member of the exclusive club of advanced steroid users.

At this point, a more advanced and, in some cases, more reliable steroid cycle plan is needed.

Advanced steroid cycles sometimes target more complex, risky, or intense compounds with tremendous rewards, in addition to stacking steroids. Examples include Trenbolone, Dianabol, and Anadrol. Another approach is to utilize significantly greater dosages.

And just because you’re an advanced user doesn’t mean you can’t take essential testosterone compounds – it all depends on your cycle, stacking, dosages, diet, and workouts.

You are an advanced user if you do more than merely utilize large dosages of any steroid. There are two conditions to be considered an advanced anabolic steroid user. Among them are:

  • Experience with numerous steroid cycles, training regimes, recovery, PCT, and theoretical knowledge of how steroids work. Years of anabolic steroid use are required to achieve this.
  • Have a complete understanding of your body and its positive and negative effects. Because everyone’s reaction to steroids is different, only first-hand experience is essential, which might take years to acquire.

All of these factors come together to become an advanced steroid user.

Falsely Claiming To Be an Expert

It’s very unusual for intermediate or even beginning steroid users to assume they’re ready for an advanced cycle simply because they’ve done a couple.

The last thing you want to do is rush into advanced steroid usage while you’re inexperienced.

It may (and should) take years to become an advanced user, and it’s not something you acquire immediately.

Your objective should be to improve with each steroid cycle gradually. There is little to gain by jumping into an advanced cycle, but there are many hazards. Rather than rushing into advanced cycles, spend extra time learning about the beginning and intermediate cycles, as well as steroid use. Then you may contemplate moving on to the next level.

Every steroid cycle you finish will teach you crucial lessons for the future. These will contain suitable lessons about your results and the harmful effects of steroids during and after each cycle. You’ll discover what works for you over time. It may sound tedious, but it is the only way to become an advanced steroid user. There are no shortcuts, and you won’t become an advanced user by asking others about their steroid usage since everyone’s experience is unique.

If you have advanced knowledge and expertise with steroids, you may get to the most significant and most advanced degree of anabolic steroid usage.

Protocols for Advanced Steroid Cycles

Advanced anabolic steroid users have access to steroid cycle methods that are not accessible to beginners.

As a steroid user, you’ve learned how your body responds to various substances, cycle durations, doses, and other factors. An advanced steroid cycle program may be designed to get your desired outcomes.

It is an advanced cycle protocol that the most advanced users should only utilize.

High-dose Testosterone cycles and high-dose short-term cycles are two common and successful advanced steroid cycle protocol options.

High-dose Testosterone Cycles

On the surface, this cycle seems straightforward, using just one testosterone molecule.

The key is the high dosage, which is excessive, and only advanced users should even try this cycle.

Before starting this cycle, you should be pretty familiar with utilizing testosterone drugs. Knowing the effects of testosterone steroids on you can help you manage with larger dosages and adverse effects.

As an advanced user, you will know how to correctly utilize SERMs or aromatase inhibitors to limit side effects and manage possible dangers.

Because of the high dose of testosterone, different compounds may be required in some instances, but for most people looking for growth, this cycle will be enough.

Commonly utilized in high dosage cycles is Testosterone Enanthate. It has a half-life of around a week and requires just one injection every cycle to maintain ideal blood plasma levels.

High-dose short-term cycles

This cycle uses large doses of one or more chemicals. An enormous risk of adverse effects is associated with this sort of cycle, so consumers should be informed.

Only short-ester or quick-acting steroids are employed because these cycles are brief (4–6 weeks). These compounds operate swiftly, allowing for speedy gains.

Due to the hormone’s rapid bloodstream entry, your blood levels of one or more steroids will soon reach ideal levels. This prompt action means the chemicals leave the body rapidly, allowing you to restore natural testosterone levels after the cycle swiftly.

The short cycle duration naturally reduces testosterone suppression, making PCT easier and quicker than after a longer cycle with slower-acting substances.

Advanced users may also profit from shorter cycles by recovering quicker and starting new cycles sooner, but this should be done with care and prudence.

You should not use slow-release chemicals in a short cycle as they will not have enough time to operate in the body. The quick-acting Trenbolone acetate has a half-life of roughly three days and is typically used for short cycles.

Examples of Advanced Cycle

You may utilize any of these examples as an advanced steroid cycle to get superior outcomes as an advanced steroid user. Short and long-cycle examples are provided so you may choose the one that best suits your needs.

Example #1 of Advanced Cycle (12 weeks)

  • 100 mg/week of Testosterone Enanthate
  • 800 mg/week of Trenbolone Enanthate
  • 400 mg/week of  Drostanolone Enanthate (Masteron)

Example #2 of Advanced Cycle (8 weeks)

  • 25 mg every other day or 100 mg weekly of Testosterone Propionate 
  • 100 mg biweekly or 400 mg weekly of Trenbolone Acetate 
  • 100mg of Anadrol each day

Example # 3 of Advanced Cycle (High-dose Testosterone cycle – 12 weeks)

  • 1,000 mg/week of Testosterone Enanthate 

Example #4 of Advanced Cycle (High-dose short term cycle – 4 weeks)

  • 150 mg/day (1,050 mg weekly)  of Testosterone Propionate
  • 150 mg/day of (1,050 mg weekly) of Trenbolone Acetate 

These are advanced steroid cycles. Users should never attempt the above cycles and should exercise caution when utilizing substances at significant concentrations. It’s best to talk with your doctor periodically and consider getting routine blood testing.

You should only explore advanced cycles if you’ve been conducting less intense cycles for a while and are confident in your ability to employ more advanced steroid chemicals.

A more advanced steroid cycle may consist of numerous steroid molecules, forming a stack. Combining Testosterone (cypionate or enanthate), Deca, Dianabol, and Anavar is one example.

Here’s an advanced bulking cycle example:

It consists of 1000 mg Testosterone weekly, 600 mg Deca weekly, 70mg Dianabol per day for the first five weeks, then Anavar 100mg per day from week 6 to 16. All cycles need post-cycle treatment.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

When you’re entirely focused on planning your steroid cycle, training, and diet, it’s easy to overlook the most vital component of steroid use: Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

Your regular hormone system is profoundly altered by a steroid cycle. You may lose all of your natural testosterone. The goal of PCT is to reestablish hormonal balance.

PCT is a critical phase that takes just as much planning as the steroid cycle. A PCT regimen requires the administration of various prescription medicines, some of which may not be readily available to you, and an awareness of how they interact.

PCT is just as crucial as any other aspect of your bodybuilding program.

Is a PCT Necessary After Steroids? 

Since your body’s average testosterone production has been interrupted, PCT is essential. Depending on the medicines you took, the duration of your cycle, and other factors, your natural testosterone production may be very low or nonexistent after a steroid cycle. PCT must get your exam back on track.

Stopping steroid usage at the end of a cycle also prevents your body from turning anabolic, making it challenging to maintain your gains. The importance of PCT is evident in:

  • Increasing testosterone levels in the body naturally
  • Muscle mass retention (muscle gains)
  • Following steroid use, resetting the body’s natural processes

PCT is also considered a post-cycle detox. With this method, you are ordering your body to stop using steroids. Enduring muscular growth and a sound hormonal system are the ultimate goals of any steroid cycle.

HPTA Recovery During PCT with Three Primary Testosterone Stimulating Agents

The following are the three major types of compounds (in order of importance):

  1. Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs)

SERMs exist in a variety of forms, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Common names for SERMS used in PCT include:

  • Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)
  • Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid)
  • Toremifene Citrate (Fareston)

Clomid is the most powerful of the three, but it also has a higher risk of severe side effects.

SERMs work to counteract the effects of estrogen. Selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) don’t entirely block estrogen, as the name implies. Instead, it may promote estrogen effects in some body regions while limiting estrogen effects in other areas.

It suggests that SERMs, like any other pharmaceutical class, aren’t a cure-all for estrogen-related post-cycle side effects. SERMs, on the other hand, are a popular choice in post-cycle therapy and generate decent results for bodybuilders when used appropriately.

SERMs may help alleviate one of the most dreaded and excruciating side effects of anabolic steroid use in gynecomastia by acting as estrogen antagonists (lowering estrogen) on breast tissue (gyno).

There are many benefits to using SERMs:

  • Increase the synthesis of testosterone
  • Reduce estrogen
  • Regain the function of your natural hormones
  • Aids in cholesterol reduction.

SERMs should not be the central part of a post-cycle therapy regimen because of their diverse estrogenic effects.

In certain areas, using an agonist rather than an antagonist may help estrogen work better. However, one of the most severe side effects of several SERMs is visual impairments. Clomid, in particular, offers an intense health concern being one of the most potent SERMs available.

  1. Aromatase Inhibitors (AI)

Aromatase inhibitors (AIs), like SERMs, reduce the effects of estrogen when normal levels climb too high due to increased testosterone levels from steroid usage. AIs include:

  • Anastrozole (Arimidex)
  • Letrozole (Femara)
  • Exemestane (Aromasin)
  • Arimistane or 1,4,6-Androstatriene-3,17-dione (ATD)

Unlike SERMs, which operate to block estrogen in tissue cells, AIs aim to decrease estrogen levels in the body by preventing androgen conversion to estrogen, resulting in more significant estrogen and lower testosterone levels.

The primary advantages of aromatase inhibitors are:

  • The aromatase enzyme stops testosterone from becoming estrogen
  • Boost testosterone by reducing estrogen
  • Gynecomastia prevention
  • Reduce HCG’s estrogenic effects

Aromatase inhibitors provide many advantages and significant drawbacks, such as hair thinning, hot flashes, increased risk of blood clots, irregular heartbeat, and joint and muscular discomfort.

The goal of utilizing aromatase inhibitors as part of your PCT treatment is to stop the cycle, reverse it, and enhance testosterone production.

In post-cycle therapy, aromatase inhibitors are essential to reduce the estrogenic effects of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).

  1. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

HCG is a hormone that may help cure or avoid some of the more significant adverse effects of steroid usage, such as testicular shrinkage and probable infertility. Men with low testosterone and infertility use it medically. Among the advantages of utilizing HCG are:

  • Boosts natural testosterone production
  • Normalizes testicle size and function
  • Boosts sperm count
  • Prevents muscular tissue deterioration

In addition to causing exhaustion, headaches, and depression, continuous usage of HCG may reduce sperm and testosterone levels.

An aromatase inhibitor and also a SERM should be given after cycle treatment. Using HCG alone in PCT is not only ineffective but also reduces luteinizing hormone levels.

Prevent a spike in estrogen levels induced by HCG’s effects on testicular aromatase activity by taking it alongside an AI and a SERM.

PCT Using SERMS: Clomid and Nolvadex

Clomid is a fertility enhancer for women. The pituitary gland is stimulated to create more LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), boosting testosterone production in men.

Clomid is a popular PCT medication for restoring natural testosterone production. Clomid offers several benefits when used as a PCT:

  • More powerful than Nolvadex
  • blockage of estrogen
  • Enhances the production of natural testosterone
  • Through the liver, it lowers cholesterol levels.

Clomid has been linked to vision problems and mood swings. Blurriness, floaters, and light sensitivity are among them. While most visual adverse effects are treatable, severe, or continuous, Clomid use may result in more powerful long-term problems. It may result in cataracts, fluid accumulation in the macula, and even vision loss.

Tamoxifen, the generic name for Nolvadex, prevents estrogen from binding to receptors, especially in breast tissue.

The use of Nolvadex reduces gynecomastia. It is an excellent post-cycle therapeutic chemical for most people on a standard steroid cycle. The following are the main benefits of this drug:

  • Aids in the prevention of gynecomastia.
  • The natural hormonal function is restored.
  • It has a lower risk than Clomid.
  • Pro-testosterone and anti-estrogenic
  • The effects of estrogen agonists on the liver may help to maintain cholesterol levels low.
  • Low estrogen levels are maintained.

Headache, stomach pain, hot flashes, a probable decline in IGF-1 levels, libido loss, and hair thinning or loss are all possible adverse effects of Nolvadex.

Which one is best for PCT? Clomid or Nolvadex?

Compared to Clomid, Nolvadex has fewer significant side effects. The most alarming probable adverse effect of Clomid is visual impairment and possibly long-term eye troubles. Clomid is regarded as quite potent, but Nolvadex is considered weaker. Thus, some individuals use both. Increasing the danger of side effects does not reduce the chance of them.

Instead of mixing these two SERMs for post cycle treatment, choose one depending on your steroid cycle. A lighter or stacked cycle, or a longer cycle, may need the higher strength of Clomid to restore regular hormone activity and reduce the more severe decline in natural testosterone and the rise in estrogen.

PCT Using Aromatase Inhibitors

Aromatase inhibitors stop estrogen production and reduce estrogen levels. Many steroid users utilize AIs during and after cycles.

Arimidex (Anastrozole)

A medicine used to treat breast cancer, Arimidex may reduce estrogen levels and prevent estrogen production, which is beneficial to bodybuilders.

Arimidex advantages include:

  • Halts estrogen production
  • Estrogen depletion
  • Avoids gyno
  • Lowers acne risk
  • Retains no water
  • Blood pressure-lowering
  • Testosterone repair

Negative consequences exist. They are causing side effects such as nausea, headaches, and joint pain.

Arimidex, like Aromasin, is often used during and after steroid cycles to minimize estrogen spikes.

Aromasin (Exemestane)

Aromasin is a PCT medicine that minimizes estrogen-related adverse effects, including gyno and water retention.

Aromasin has a lower influence on cholesterol than other AIs, which is why it is frequently the most favored option among PCT compounds.

Some Aromasin advantages for steroid users include:

  • Reduce estrogen levels and raise normal testosterone levels
  • Avoid gyno

Possible side effects include hair loss due to DHT conversion, increased anxiety and depression, low bone density, bone and joint pain, tiredness, hot flashes, and headaches.

Aromasin is often used during and after steroid cycles to reduce estrogen levels. Aromasin doses vary from 10 to 25mg daily depending on steroid cycle intensity and duration. 

Arimistane (ATD)

Arimistane is an aromatase inhibitor that prevents testosterone from converting to estrogen, reducing the estrogenic adverse effects of anabolic steroids.

Arimistane is used both during and after a cycle to keep estrogen levels low. This chemical has negligible side effects. Among Arimistane’s steroid users’ advantages include:

  • Normalizes testosterone levels
  • Less harmful to cholesterol than other AIs
  • Maintains your gains
  • Causes a rapid estrogen reduction
  • Short- and long-term estrogen reduction
  • Prevents gyno
  • Effect on cortisol

Prolonged usage of Arimistane might cause liver damage. Arimistane PCT dosage ranges from 25-75mg daily, with new users beginning at the lower end and increasing as required.


HCG is used to stimulate testosterone production in the testicles. Due to the decline in natural testosterone production, HCG is utilized in post cycle treatment to achieve the same results.

HCG is comparable to a luteinizing hormone in stimulating testosterone and sperm production. The testicles might then begin to develop back to average size. HCG is regarded as a safe and efficient technique to recuperate after a steroid cycle.

Because HCG may induce gyno, it should always be used alongside an aromatase inhibitor. The HCG cycle lasts 4–6 weeks.

2500iu weekly for two weeks is an excellent dose for steroid users who desire to utilize HCG to restore luteinizing hormone levels quickly.

PCT Following Your First Cycle

Beginners sometimes ignore the need for PCT following a steroid cycle, yet it is as vital as the cycle itself. Steroids disrupt the body’s normal processes, including testosterone and other hormone synthesis, so if you stop using them, you must urge your body to produce hormones naturally again.

PCT is vital for reducing adverse steroid effects and maintaining muscular gains acquired throughout your cycle.

PCT normally lasts 3–6 weeks, sometimes longer. These are some of the most often used PCT drugs:

  • Clomid PCT: 50 mg/day for three weeks (or 100 mg/day for the first ten days, then 50 mg/day for the remaining ten days)
  • Nolvadex PCT: Weeks 1-2, 40 mg/day, and weeks 3-4, 20 mg/day
  • Arimidex PCT: While on-cycle, 0.5 mg every two days; during PCT, 0.5 mg every day.

Starting with your first steroid cycle as a novice, you must make PCT a priority in every steroid cycle. These and other PCT medicines may have adverse effects, so always do your homework before using them.

Common Steroid Side Effects

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