How An Effective Post-Cycle Therapy Achieved Favorable Results: Simple, Yet Comprehensive Guide

post cycle therapy simple yet comprehensive guide

When you’re using performance-enhancing drugs, the next best step would be to learn more about post-cycle therapy. You probably have several questions in your head. You’d like to seek answers but, chances are, you might be running through some conflicting information too.

So if you would like to discover more relevant facts about post-cycle therapy, please keep reading. This article will be a simple yet comprehensive guide to educating yourself about a more effective PCT.

We believe that steroid users must have in-depth knowledge about this subject. The use of steroids in different cycles can alter the way that your natural hormones function.

The result of dedicated training and diet would help you achieve the kind of build you want for your body. But the jaw-dropping body structures of most bodybuilders do not only come from a calorie-deficient diet nor from long hours of working out.

Performance-enhancing drugs play a crucial role in muscle development in ways that the human body can produce naturally. It’s the part where PEDs such as anabolic-androgenic steroids can come in very handy.

For the record, we do not promote using steroids for more than its therapeutic use. We only aim to share factual knowledge about steroid use. We’re only after your safety, so you can reduce risks like testosterone shut down if you consider using steroids.

Hormonal imbalances, for instance, can be one of the many adverse effects of using anabolic steroids. It’s not surprising at all since such steroids are testosterone in their synthetic forms. 

The most practical thing to do is seek medical intervention if you’re considering post-cycle therapy after using steroids. You will find answers to all your PCT questions in this comprehensive PCT guide. It will help you decide if there’s a need to do it and if it’s worthwhile.

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Post-Cycle Therapy

A Closer Look At What Post-Cycle Therapy Really Means

The intake of synthetic anabolic hormones, commonly known as steroids, can cause suppression of endogenous testosterone production. Since your body begins to produce more testosterone than usual, you can somewhat expect this effect when you’re on steroids.

Experts would never recommend the regular use of steroids due to the number of its adverse effects. Hence, when your steroid cycle comes to an end, it will affect your body’s capability to produce natural testosterone levels.

Individuals are more prone to losing muscle mass and estrogen surge during this stage. It may result in adverse effects such as a manly voice, decreased sexual desire, erratic mood changes, overfatigue, fluid retention, and unnecessary breast size increase. 

Therefore, maximizing the use of post-cycle therapies or PCT can significantly reduce these undesirable effects. Your PCT can include the use of a supplement that works like a post-cycle detox. It can speed recovery, aid in stabilizing, and restore your natural testosterone levels less the side effects.

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An efficient combination of legal drugs under the supervision and guidance of a healthcare provider can bring back your hormone’s natural balance. Doing so can cause a significant reduction in estrogen levels and for endogenous testosterone production to go back to normal.

It regulates and speeds up the healing of your hormone system, which it can’t do independently. A fully functioning hormone system will be less achievable if you don’t do post-cycle therapy after steroid use. Not to mention, you are also likely to experience muscle loss without PCT.

Imagine how frustrating it is to lose all the bulk you worked hard for a while? Yes, I can assume how it could be such a waste, and I believe you think likewise. So, if maintaining your muscle mass is essential for you, it’s best to consider having a well-planned PCT.

Your Post-Cycle Therapy

The Best Time To Begin Your Post-Cycle Therapy

When to begin your post-cycle therapy is yet another sensational subject for some. The truth is, the right time to start your PCT varies per individual. It can also be dependent on the kind of substance you have been using.

After completing your anabolic steroid cycle, it’s best to wait for a week or two before beginning your PCT. Some PCTs have to start between AAS cycles since stopping all at once can result in less than desirable effects.

While for those using Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, you can start immediately a day after you stop using them. The same thing works for prohormone users. Also, experts recommend initiating your PCT a week after your cycle ends for anyone using any other kind of steroid compound.

But of course, as earlier mentioned, the most practical and safest thing to do would be to seek your doctor’s advice before starting any regimen. Healthcare providers can help you plan the most appropriate post-cycle therapy and monitor your development after steroid use. Further, they can provide you with the best recommendation and medical assistance.

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The Recommended Duration For A Post-Cycle Therapy

Generally, post-cycle therapies’ duration could vary from one person to another. It is also dependent on the kind of steroids utilized and the dosage. This duration could range from about six weeks to a month-long period. An ample time for recovery is crucial to ensure that all anabolic steroids are already out of your system before starting your PCT.

As an extra precaution, please note that medical prescriptions might be necessary for regular steroid users. Such drugs can help your body’s natural ability to control its hormone production to an acceptable level. Therefore, it’s best to proceed with the post-cycle treatment after you seek medical supervision.

There are instances when a person’s therapy could last for a couple of weeks longer than usual. The truth is, several factors are at play. As such, it might be tricky to come up with one definitive answer as to how long a post-cycle therapy should last. Even genetics is a factor worth considering and even the kind of cycle you used. 

Also, some steroids have delayed-release, so they can take quite a while to leave your system. Slow-release steroids are more concentrated, and they also work faster. All these are relevant information that can help you determine how long such drugs can circulate within your body.

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Commonly Used Drugs For Post-Cycle Therapies

The necessary drugs for your post-cycle therapy may vary based on specific circumstances. Over-the-counter medications, such as testosterone boosters and estrogen blockers, may be effective in some cases.

Although most of the time, these supplements lack vital potency for many steroid users. While we won’t promote specific drugs in this article, here are some commonly used medications for PCT that would require a doctor’s prescription:

  • Clomiphene (with Clomid as its most recognized brand name)
  • Tamoxifen (with Nolvadex as the commonly used brand)

Both of these drugs are reputable SERMs or Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators. Please take caution not to mistake this drug type for SARMs responsible for estrogen production post-cycle and prevent adverse effects. 

There is a likelihood of a sudden increase in estrogen levels once your anabolic steroid cycle ends. The sudden increase of estrogen will result in hormonal imbalances, which is why controlled drugs under a physician’s supervision are highly necessary.

Clomid is an anti-estrogenic drug commonly used during the PCT stage. It stimulates the release of LH or luteinizing hormone and FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone. Both hormones play an essential function that contributes to fertility due to the heightened release of testosterone.

Alternatively, Nolvadex is among the most trusted and more affordable medications for aiding post-cycle therapy. This drug can obstruct estrogen from pituitary gland interaction; hence, the reduced levels are more evident. Most would use this drug for mild to obscure cycles with other compounds for quite an extended period. 

However, the combination of an increase in LH levels and a decrease in estrogen levels can pose a severe risk. One might be in danger of a stroke, prostate, and heart problems if such a condition does not get proper treatment. Nolvadex is the leading medication for minimizing estrogen production, causing the endogenous testosterone to go back to its average level.

Moreover, you may find it helpful to use supplements like phosphatidylserine and acetyl-l-carnitine for cortisol level reduction. The use of such drugs would come in more handy than you might imagine. 

An increase in the otherwise known stress hormone, can lead to catabolism. It’s the process of breaking down complex particles such as proteins, fats, or tissues into smaller units and releasing more energy. By contrast, anabolism binds smaller units to produce greater particles. It causes a massive increase in your muscles and tissue repair.

The combination of these two is crucial and results in metabolism. Having detrimental post-cycle catabolism will leave you with unwanted body fats and muscle loss, thus, undoing all your hard work. Even worse, the absence of controlling catabolism may even lead to sickness.

By this time, it makes more sense how a post-cycle therapy can do more than cause endogenous testosterone to go back to its average level. More than that, it’s a vital part of post-cycle recovery. Not having a well-thought-of PCT after using anabolic steroids is not recommended for the health hazards it can cause.

During A Post-Cycle Therapy

Maintaining Workouts During A Post-Cycle Therapy

It would be beneficial to remain consistent with your training frequency if you wish to maintain muscle mass. Nevertheless, your training plan should not involve a calorie-deficient diet and excessive cardio exercises. Remember that your body needs adequate time to recover after using synthetic hormones.

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You should not skip training and use the same amount when weightlifting since only a slight modification in your training regimen would be necessary. Otherwise, it would be best to avoid reps or do a higher intensity of weightlifting more than you used to. You can use a reasonable amount of strength during training that is necessary to maintain your muscle mass.

While still in recovery, what matters most is finding the appropriate training intensity during your PCT. Ultimately, it’s all about ensuring the proper balance; not too little but not too much either. In short, moderation is key to doing your post-cycle therapy effectively while maintaining that eye-catching physique.

Other Worthwhile Considerations While On Post-Cycle Therapy

On a final note, please do not be too hard on yourself. Many of the undesirable effects you probably feel are not unusual when withdrawing from steroid use. Once exposed to synthetic hormones, the human body would need more time to heal and restore to its usual function. 

Let’s not forget that proper nutrition also plays a significant part in your body’s healing process. Ensure a diet rich in essential nutrients, high in fiber, and keep yourself well-hydrated at all times. 

Steroids or any other supplements can influence the balance in your hormonal levels. Hence, it’s best to have a physician guide you accordingly throughout your PCT, from start to end.

Final Thoughts

In summary, please note that none of the information in this article means to replace a physician’s advice. We only aim to educate and spread awareness about post-cycle therapy and its significance.

Taking advantage of post-cycle therapy will not only help steroid users maintain their physical gains. PCTs will also allow these users to reduce any health hazards that they might encounter while coming off steroids.

A well-planned post-cycle therapy is critical in aiding every user’s body to return to its normal state. It might require the use of supplements to help them during the cycle. 

Such medications can do wonders in mitigating possible risks that come with recovery. It’s especially true when your body starts endogenous testosterone production once again after steroid use. 

Your increased awareness would help you understand better any issues associated with steroid use and how you can prevent them. One of the challenges is that some adverse effects only appear years after your withdrawal from steroid use.

Therefore, all your profound comprehension of the subject provides you with much-needed leverage to make a more efficient recovery process possible. Choosing the supplement that is well-suited for you is vital too. You not only look for potency but also effectiveness and safety most of all.

Stay motivated and consistent with your training, especially if you’re serious about maintaining all your hard-earned gains; just don’t overdo it. Choosing not to do a PCT would do you more harm than good. It’s only wise to go for one and know how it will work well for you.

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