Top 5 Steroid Alternatives For Women (That Won’t Make You A Man)

Steroid Alternatives For Women

It’s not an unusual occurrence that upon hearing the word “steroids,” the first thing an average person probably thinks about is someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger. A man with a robust 250-pound body with tone muscles.

But nowadays, a steroid user won’t always have such a typical form. In reality, a growing population of women is now taking steroids to develop stronger muscles and eliminate fat. Yes, that’s true! And not only that, a study shows that about 1.4% of girls in middle school are using anabolic steroids too.

Steroid use among women in sports is also prevalent due to their desire to advantage over their opponents. Enhancing their strength and endurance also seems appealing to them.

As such, this fact puts the common misconception at rest that only male bodybuilders are using steroids. Legal steroids have helped millions of women achieve their fitness goals and body proportions faster.

Some female athletes in the past have failed their drug tests due to steroid use. These women are into boxing, swimming, CrossFit, and more.

The subject of female steroid use has a lack of information. So, here are some of the best steroids for women that won’t turn you into a man. They can even speed up your fat-loss process and help you achieve substantial gains.

On top of these relevant details, we’ll also provide you with some helpful tips to reduce the risk of side effects from steroid use.

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The Most Common Steroid Adverse Effects In Women

Women benefit from some compounds more than others since they don’t cause masculinization. These kinds of steroids are what you can consider the best ones for female use.

Virilization or the development of male characteristics in women. Here are some of the best examples of masculinization or virilization:

  • Body hair increase
  • Clitoris enlargement
  • Deepening of voice
  • Masculine-looking facial features

Several of these adverse reactions are reversible once your steroid cycle ends. Your hormones will start to restore their normal function. However, a deepened voice can take a while longer to go back to how it used to be before you used steroids. Some take a couple of years to reverse this side effect due to changes to their vocal cords and larynx.

Unnaturally high testosterone levels lead to these effects, which can slowly transform a woman into a man. The general female population wants to avoid such side effects at all costs. However, some top female bodybuilders are willing to endure these reactions for the sake of winning.

Female steroid users are more prone to adverse reactions, like virilization, when they do any of the following:

  • Failure to choose the right kind of steroid
  • Using steroids in high dosages
  • Prolonged steroid cycles

This article will provide you with an overview of the finest steroids well-suited for female use. It will also include the ones women should avoid at any expense. While we do not advocate steroid use, we recognize that many women nowadays are already using it. Therefore, they need proper guidance in using such substances safely.

Keep in mind that the likelihood of experiencing the symptoms of masculinization depends partly on an individual’s genetics. Some women would choose the wrong steroid for a lengthy period and still be okay. Contrarily, some women only take steroids with no harsh compounds and in moderate doses, yet it would still result in various concerns.

Nevertheless, ending the cycle the soonest you notice signs of masculinization can reduce the side effects. They could even be reversible in most cases. It’s not like suddenly waking up with a beard because symptoms such as that develop over a length of time.

Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Anavar is a well-known steroid among women. Female Anavar users often achieve desirable effects with this drug; hence it got its reputation as the “girl steroid.” This steroid’s subtle compounds make it more tolerable for men and women and significantly contribute to its popularity.

These female Anavar users would rarely experience virilization. But there is an exemption to every rule, so with that in mind, women misusing Anavar can still encounter this unfavorable steroid effect. These are women whose steroid intake exceeds the average dose and for a more extended period than necessary.

Anavar consumption in adequate quantities can result in substantial muscle growth while also losing a lot of fats. You are most likely to expect a 5-kg increase in your muscles and a 5-kg fat loss in a five-week Anavar cycle.

Even the intake of Anavar in 5-10 mg daily for 4-6 weeks can deliver satisfying results. Exceeding your Anavar intake will put you more at risk of virilization. Thus, you should not exceed its recommended dose of 10mg per day as it is irrelevant. Many women have had success taking Anavar, even for only a 2.5mg dose daily.

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Highly-Recommended Anavar Cycles For Women

1 5 mg/day
2 10 mg/day
3 10 mg/day
4 10 mg/day
5 10 mg/day

The above cycle is best for women taking Anavar for the first time. During the first week of your 5-week cycle, you are to take Anavar 5 mg per day. This dosage is the most recommended by experts.

In the future, if you obtain optimal results with oxandrolone, you may increase the dosage to 10mg per day, and the cycle can last up to six weeks.

Female users can expect their natural testosterone production to decline while taking Anavar. There can also be slight changes to cholesterol levels, shifting only mildly from their blood lipid profile before steroid use.

Primobolan (Primobolan Depot)

Primobolan has an unmatched reputation when it comes to being the most subtle steroid. The truth is, this drug tops our list as the steroid mildest compound, especially if you consider the appropriate dosage for women.

A lot of women prefer Primobolan to other steroids due to its safety profile. Female users are at lesser risk of virilization with Anavar for its androgenic rating as low as 44-57. It can even offer valuable health benefits by boosting your immune system.

Primobolan strengthens fat loss by binding to androgen receptors. As a result, you can expect increased lipolysis, perfect for losing those unwanted fats more efficiently.

Further, this steroid is available in oral and injectable form; it’s also well known for its positive reaction to nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. Hence, it’s not unusual for female users to see notable muscle growth while maintaining lean mass.

Men, on the contrary, would typically utilize Primobolan in their cutting cycle. But women may also use this steroid for bulking up. This steroid has a reliable reputation for its striking results in females, giving them notable muscle increase. Women love how this steroid provides them with tremendous agility and strength as well.

A standard Anavar dose for women is 50-75mg taken every day for 6-8 weeks. By doing so, you’ll build muscle slowly while shedding fat at the same time. 

Primobolan can be an orally active steroid. Despite that, it does not affect liver function significantly; hence, it will not cause an increase in liver values. 

However, the injectable form of Primobolan may give you the extra benefit of not impacting cholesterol levels. Nonetheless, there might be a chance for elevated blood pressure, so it’s best to observe it regularly when you’re on a cycle.

Highly-Recommended Primobolan Cycles For Women

1 50 mg
2 50 mg
3 50 mg
4 75 mg
5 75 mg
6 75 mg

Since Primobolan has a low androgenic profile, it is suitable for use by women. The sample above shows a 6-week cycle. The recommended dose from the first to the third week is 50mg per day. If you responded well to Primobolan during the first four weeks of use, you could start having it 75 mg daily for the two following weeks.

In addition, you may retain a dosage of 75 mg Primobolan for future use. A good response from the first four weeks of Primobolan use indicates that you may start shifting from a six-week to an eight-week cycle too.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

There is no doubt that Anadrol, an oral steroid, is among the exceptional bulking substances nowadays. Many individuals generally consider Anadrol unsuitable for women. It is because of its severe side effects on male users, although some are androgenic by nature.

Contrary to a prevalent belief, women do not experience the same androgenic effects from Anadrol. It remains one of the only steroids that women can take in significant doses without causing virilization.

One study even shows that women who have had 150 mg Anadrol daily for 30 weeks never encountered masculinization effects.

If you’ll take a closer look at it, the daily dosage of 150mg is six times higher than the recommended 25mg per day. That’s also three times higher than a male user’s dosage, who successfully gets remarkable results with a 50-mg Anadrol intake daily.

Several adverse reactions women experienced with 150 mg of Anadrol daily are due to decreased endogenous testosterone production. Some of these reactions include reduced sexual desire and heightened weariness.

In addition to producing significant increases in testosterone, Anadrol also increases estrogen levels simultaneously. It is one speculation that may explain its well-tolerance by women. This balance between testosterone and estrogen is crucial for female Anadrol users. It prevents them from having that masculine look, a typical effect associated with steroid use.

Once the sex hormone-binding globulin or SHBG increases, it releases active testosterone. The better part is, Anadrol does not significantly affect levels due to its inability to bind to SHBG receptors. As a result, the drug will not cause you to produce more testosterone, avoiding the potential for increased levels.

“5mg of Anavar is approximately equivalent to 25mg of Anadrol in terms of virilization risk,” explains Bill Roberts (Ph.D.). Considering Bill’s mastery, experience, and intensive groundwork, Anadrol could be an excellent option for women. He made that conclusion, given that 5mg of Anavar is a relatively low dose.

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The assumption that Anadrol cycles are ‘unsuitable for women’ is due to the lack of knowledge about the effects of steroids on women. As a result, the fitness community hears less personal experience due to the low usage of steroids among women.

Highly-Recommended Anadrol Cycles For Women

1 12.5 mg/day
2 12.5 mg/day
3 25 mg/day
4 25 mg/day
5 25 mg/day
6 25 mg/day

The above sample is what a typical Anadrol cycle for women looks like within the recommended 6-week period. Their Anadrol intake for the first two weeks of use should be 12.5 mg per day, gradually increasing to 25 mg per day from weeks 3-6.

Most women would likely opt to retain the initial dosage of 12.5 mg daily without any risk. But they can’t expect the drug to deliver results that way either. However, female Anadrol users should anticipate some side effects while on-cycle as it is commonly associated with any steroid use. 

Winstrol (Stanozolol)

In general, Winstrol is not a suitable steroid for women due to its strong affinity for SHBG, which can cause virilization symptoms in women. Nonetheless, low dosages are safe to use. Those who fear experiencing swelling need not worry since fluid retention that leads to such swellings is not an issue with Winstrol.

Winstrol, also referred to as “Winny,” is a potent testosterone derivative that can help women get back into shape. It works efficiently in developing muscles, even lean muscles while losing unwanted body fats. Most men use it for cutting, but women can also use it for bulking cycles, especially if they only want extra muscle.

There’s no question about how robust this steroid is; you only need 5 mg of Winstrol per day. The minimal dose is safe but effective enough to prevent masculinization. Going beyond the 10 mg dosage pushes it way too far and could get you into serious trouble.

The most recommended Winstrol intake for women would be splitting the dose. It’s best to take two 2.5 mg tablets daily instead of taking one pill in a higher amount. Dividing the dosage for a twice-a-day intake is a safe yet effective method of taking Winstrol.

You are less likely to experience any adverse effects if you avoid a sudden rise in testosterone levels by taking it all at once. Therefore, this method will give you the constant dosage necessary and avoid fluctuation in your testosterone levels.

Women could expect to get leaner bodies while on the Winstrol cycle. The fat-burning properties of this medication enable you to maintain your stamina while gaining lean muscle mass and losing unnecessary weight. It may not result in significant gains but will undoubtedly give you a slimmer and more robust appearance.

Highly-Recommended Winstrol Cycles For Women

1 5 mg/day
2 5 mg/day
3 5 mg/day
4 5 mg/day
5 5 mg/day
6 5 mg/day
7 5 mg/day
8 5 mg/day

The sample above shows an 8-week cycle. To achieve the gains you aim for while shedding body fat, the only dosage you need for the whole eight weeks is only 5mg per day.


Many people often mistake Clenbuterol for a cutting steroid due to its efficient fat-burning capabilities. However, it is not a steroid but a bronchodilator. Clenbuterol is a medication for treating acute asthma. It helps people living with asthma to have a better flow of oxygen throughout their bodies.

Clenbuterol will least likely increase muscle mass and strength in women since it’s not exogenous testosterone. But it also won’t suppress a woman’s natural testosterone production, so there will be no notable decrease in their sexual urges.

It appears, however, that Clenbuterol can increase the strength and size of skeletal muscles in animals. Women who use clenbuterol say that it enhances their muscle development and endurance. At the same time, others are stating that using this drug only provided them with minimal improvement.

During its action, Clen stimulates the central nervous system, activating the thermogenesis process in the body. It, therefore, influences enhanced metabolism. Thermogenesis is when sweating occurs as the body’s temperature increases, causing it to cool itself down.

The heart rate races substantially, and a woman’s basal metabolic rate increases like when working out. Hence, when the body heats up, burning fats could be more effective.

Nevertheless, just like any other drug, you should think twice about abusing Clenbuterol. High dose intakes have resulted in hospitalizations. A man had his heart rate skyrocket to 254 beats per minute due to Clenbuterol accidental overdose.

With Clen, you have the option to take it in oral or in its syrup form. A woman will generally begin taking clenbuterol 20-40 mcg a day at the start of a cycle. 

Following that, you may increase the dosage every 3-4 days by 10-20 mcg, for a period of 4-6 weeks. In this manner, you gradually increase the dosage until you achieve maximum fat loss and the side effects are comfortably manageable.

You may increase the dosage up to 120-160 mcg daily, but you should closely observe your blood pressure for any sudden increase. Some women are highly susceptible than others to Clen’s stimulants. These women with sensitivity to the stimulating effects may experience sleeplessness and anxiety.

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Besides, Clenbuterol can be a potent fat-burning compound that works similarly to cutting steroids. As a result, many users will combine this with other cutting steroids to accelerate fat loss.

Highly-Recommended Clenbuterol Cycles For Women

1 – 3 20 mg/day
4 – 6 30 mg/day
7 – 9 40 mg/day
10 – 12 50 mg/day
13 – 15 60 mg/day
16 – 18 70 mg/day
19 – 21 80 mg/day
22 – 24 90 mg/day
25 – 27 100 mg/day
28 – 30 110 mg/day

Women using steroids with impressive fat-burning effects often use the above cutting cycle to achieve favorable results. A dramatic weight loss can be essential for female bikini models or bodybuilders.

Women may lower their dose gradually before the end of a cycle, but this is not necessary. It will be more beneficial to the heart to come off as soon as possible in the long run. 

It is much better than merely decreasing the dosage. However, slowly reducing your dosage is good to prevent your energy from crashing, which is not typical among Clen users. Please note that you can only increase your dosage once you get accustomed to your current dose.

Steroids That Women Should Avoid

Women are adversely affected by the majority of anabolic steroids. Some steroids contain harsh elements, causing powerful effects on the androgens. Hence, when it comes to steroids, women have fewer options than men (if they wish to maintain their feminine characteristics.)

Testosterone, Dianabol, trenbolone, etc., adversely affect women. These steroids may lack long-term implications for a woman’s overall health. But if they encounter masculinization, it would severely impact their mental health.

A significant number of adverse reactions are experienced mainly by male steroid users. Therefore, you can expect that the use of steroids could impact females differently. 

Since these compounds are essentially male hormones or the like, women are most likely to feel the radical changes to their bodies. There is no way that females are comfortable with excessive levels of male hormones circulating in their bodies.

Although some steroids are safer for females, they would still be at risk of side effects.

Is Post-Cycle Therapy Necessary For Women?

Contrary to some people’s belief, PCTs are only relevant to men for their higher testosterone levels. Women would also need post-cycle therapies since it remains a highly crucial hormone for their sexual and mental health.

Female steroid users suffering from declining sexual urges or having mental health issues can benefit from post-cycle therapies. Women can reduce the risks of adverse side effects when cycling mild steroids such as Primobolan or Anavar. Consequently, they may skip the post-cycle treatment if that is the case.

However, if women take more potent steroids, like Winstrol, especially in high dosages, it’s best to resort to some dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA supplements. A dosage of 25-50 mg of DHEA daily can help restore the natural endogenous testosterone production.

Even a 4-week cycle would be adequate to aid efficiently in testosterone recovery. A clinical study shows that women may even prolong their steroid cycles if they consistently use DHEA for a couple of months.

Furthermore, a PCT may be unnecessary if you’re taking legal steroids or safe steroid alternatives. These kinds of steroids will not cause women’s natural testosterone production to shut down.

The truth is, running post-cycle therapy is rarely required for women than for men. A woman’s hormone profile differs since they have higher estrogen levels to keep their hormones in balance.

Final Thoughts

Most women’s hesitation in using steroids stems from their fear of looking like a beefy, pro bodybuilder. They wish to achieve more muscle definition or lose unwanted fats, but they can’t risk looking like a man.

Now they can rest that fear aside. A woman’s body operates differently from that of a man since they have diverse sets of hormones. It’s best to incorporate whatever your steroid of choice is with a wholesome diet plan and exercise. Doing so will not only stimulate the natural muscle-building mechanisms but will also improve your health.

Women generally use Anavar and Primobolan to prevent masculinization. These are mild steroids but highly effective in keeping your gains high less the adverse reactions. Although one drawback you’d encounter with these two medications is that both are costly, especially on the black market.

Such is the part where Anadrol comes in as a handy alternative to Anavar and Primobolan. It is more reasonably priced and has a safety profile even if you take the drug in high doses. Also, this drug is well-tolerated by women for providing a healthy balance between testosterone and estrogen levels. Thus, there is no risk of experiencing virilization due to Anadrol use.

What we recommend as the best overall steroid for female use is Clenbuterol. Although not a steroid technically, this drug works well for women who desire to lose fat rather than achieve muscle gains. It does wonders for female steroid users who want to develop more lean muscle mass. 

On a final note, don’t rely on steroids alone to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you want to increase your muscle mass quickly, enhance recovery or increase your stamina, exercise and diet are just as essential.

It will be perilous to use illegal steroids to improve your physique. Much more so if you misuse it with inappropriate dosages. This article should serve as a good starting point for your research to gain more awareness if you consider starting on steroids.

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